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Bad as in GOOD

Welcome to gin soaked lady power in the form of Bev Ridge and Friends™ - a sensational retro styled collection of beauty and lifestyle products.

Bev Ridge is all about wit, sarcasm, beauty and irony. Our sassy brand message is dressed up in a clash-tastic, mid century style code delivered with kitsch-ass attitude.

Sarcasm. Because GBH is illegal

Bev Ridge cuts a sarcastic swipe at the world whilst taking a tipsy and ironic titter at old fashioned female stereotyping.

Bev says down with chauvinism… down with paperwork…and down with boxer shorts!

It’s not easy…being easy

And because Bev believes she’s kind of a big deal, you won’t find her putting it about.

Selective retail distribution protects her razor sharp brand integrity and keeps her honour in good order.